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Is CDM course worth a study for job growth?

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I did my M.sc biotechnology and looking for jobs.When I lost all my hope for job oppurtunities I heard about this clinical data management course cum placement..But I want to know if this course for 1month worth doing for the future if I get placed.Does CDM has growth?
asked Nov 11, 2016 by anonymous

2 Answers

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Before I proceed suggesting you, any thing I would like to know few details of yours-

  • Which Year you have completed your M.Sc.
  • Which City you reside.
  • and other than CDM are you also interested for any domain career opportunity.
This will help me to answer your query more precisely.
answered Nov 11, 2016 by admin (220 points)
I am a fresher  completed in June 2016 from Vit vellore.
Currently staying in Chennai..Interested in research domain as well but as there are less opportunities and do not want to do PhD and study further..I am worried if the field I have chosen is anywhere help me to live on my own..what are the domains in lifesciences that would be helpful for job opportunities..
Well !
You profile is apt for CDM, best part you are fresh Post Graduate, which is important, as many companies prefer fresh graduates over candidates having gap. Also other than CDM you can try in Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trial Operations too.
You are in the right field, however you have to grab your first job and rest all will happen based upon your experience.

All the best! Let me know if I can help you further.
Thanks a lot for the positive response! I am In dilemma to join the course for a certification  or is it ok  if we can directly go for companies without any certifications.
You have really helped me..thanks for the effort
Well If you are comfortable to move out of Chennai, I can help you further, where you can plan your career, you can send me your CV to jobs@careerbiotech.com. I will help you further to guide, how to choose your study institute, and where you can plan to move ahead.
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Hellow sir

Please let me know that cdm course can be done if I did my btech in biotechnology.....and also i heard about the clinical research courses cum placement after graduation  and want to know if i get placed or not with both courses .Does cdm and clinical research has growth? as i came to know many  people who had done clinical research are earning still low .
answered Jan 21 by Nikita (140 points)