Well ! This article was due since long time, as many life science professionals come to me asking, How can they enter into Clinical Research Industry. There is a myth that only Pharma Graduates and Post Graduates can enter in Clinical Research, how ever many multinational companies are hiring hundred of life science graduates for different verticals.

Now the question comes, How to enter !

There are multiple employers like CRO (contract research organisation), SMO (Site Management Organisation), IT Companies, Wellness Organisations and Hospitals which keep on hiring through out the year.

Being a Life Science graduate you can be apart of these companies. Domains like Clinical Operations, Clinical Data Management (CDM) and Scientific or Medical writing has a great potential for life science students.

In the recent time there has been a great demand for such professionals in these MNCs.

MNCs based out in India, are paying a decent packages to fresh graduates in these verticals. In case you still find a technical concern, you can learn clinical research at some good clinical research institute like Clini India (www.cliniindia.com) where you can brush up your skills.

Clinical Research brings a log term career goal for you, as this an ever growing and recession proof market. Companies dealing with IT and other consulting business are getting involved with Clinical Data Management and Pharmacovilance.

Since many employers in Clinical Research are also IT firms, so they value employees and offering them a good salary package from the day of joining.

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